On this page you will find another collection of Paul's NDB images, this time taken in the state of Wisconsin, USA. This include the following installation: 'RNH' - on 257.0 kHz at New Richmond, WI.

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'RNH' 257 kHz New Richmond WI 05/17/2013

While researching this beacon, I happened to stumble upon the Jeppesen website dated 5/10/13 (LO-30/1A). One of the entries said beacon RNH in New Richmond, WI was decommissioned. Naturally, entries like this pique my curiosity.

The RNA signals website showed it last heard by a monitor in Colorado on November 16, 2011. Having personally not heard it for a long time, I decided to make a trip to New Richmond to see what, if anything, was left and to possibly photograph the remains.
I found the beacon easily enough and it, fortunately, appeared to be totally intact and not dismantled. It is a two pole setup with the transmitter cabin located in the middle. Two wires are vertically strung between the poles and are center fed from the cabin therefore the poles are not the usual "T" poles you see a lot of in this area. The cabin was painted orange and white and had a red navigation safety light on the top of it. I took several pictures and when I blew them up on the computer I could see no evidence that anything had been disassembled to this point. The feed line was intact to the center of the wires strung between the two poles.

The beacon is behind a large high security chain-link fence. A dirt road leads to the beacon but the fence gate was closed and locked. A sign that said 'Airport Security Property, No Trespassing' was posted on the gate. As such, I did not go on the property but it was easy enough to take pictures from the public right of way on Wisconsin State Highway 65. It definitely helps if you have a telephoto lens. All views from the Right-of-way face west so morning or a shady afternoon would be ideal times. I stuck the camera lens in between the chain links to get a clear picture. Because I couldn't get close to the cabin, I could not tell if anything was disconnected. The beacon is owned and operated by the New Richmond Airport Commission and the assigned frequency was 257 kHz. A check with the radio confirmed that RNH was off the air.

Click on the image to see the full sized larger version:

RNH 257.0 kHzRNH on 257.0 kHz at New Richmond, WI:

RNH Looking West from Highway 65. (120.0kb)
RNH 257.0 kHzRNH on 257.0 kHz at New Richmond, WI:

Another view of RNH. (162.0kb)
RNH 257.0 kHzRNH on 257.0 kHz at New Richmond, WI:

A second view of RNH. (154.0kb)
RNH 257.0 kHzRNH on 257.0 kHz at New Richmond, WI:

South Tower and Transmitter Cabin. (200.0kb)
RNH 257.0 kHzRNH on 257.0 kHz at New Richmond, WI:

North Tower and Transmitter Cabin. (310.0kb)

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