On this page you will find some images of the NDB at the Woodford Aerodrome in Cheshire, which used the callsign 'WFD' on 380.0 kHz. The field was used mainly by the British Aerospace aircraft based at the factory there, and the photographs were taken during a visit to one of their annual Airshows which were always a popular feature in the area until the closure of the factory and airfield. The second picture shown is a shot of my good friend and fellow beacon enthusiast - Stefan Schliephacke from Germany (Stefan was also the utility editor of the East & West Radio Club at that time), and he can be seen here standing in front of the Beacon whilst he was attending the 1998 show with me during a visit to the UK around that time. The NDB has now closed, and the airfield will likely be built over which is a shame.

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Woodford NDBWFD on 380 kHz

This Google Earth screen shot shows the location of the NDB on the airfield. The aircraft shown just to the top left side was an old RAF Vulcan which has since been restored to flying order and is the only one now active. (235.0kb)
Woodford NDBWFD on 380 kHz

Stefan can be seen here standing in front of the beacon's 10 metre vertical whip and transmitter housing at Woodford Aerodrome in Cheshire, UK. (235.0kb)
WFD BaseWFD on 380 kHz

A look at the base of the Woodford NDB. (302.0kb)
WFD Base 2WFD on 380 kHz:

A shot of what was hidden inside the surrounding fence. (295.0kb)
WFD Base 3WFD on 380 kHz:

Another shot of the antenna's base. (331.0kb)
WFD Base 3Woodford Airfield:

This screen dump of the airfield shows how it looked in 2009. The British Aerospace factory there has since closed down and the site may well have been built over with various industrial units by now I'm sad to say. (331.0kb)

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