Welcome to the NDB List information page. Newcomers to the group can download a copy of our "Information Files" from here, and this contains many of our most useful files, such as the Abbreviations List, the NDB List Country List, the Awards Scheme, the NDB Publications List and the CLE Guide. If you are not a member of the group, but are just visiting this page to try and find out more about us, or wondering if you can join the group, please scroll further down the page, or click on the 'About the Group' button below to find out how you can do this.

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You won't find the NDB List, which covers all the many different types of radiobeacon e.g. NDBs, Propagation Beacons, VOR etc., listed in the Yahoogroups Directory, but to find out more about it, or to join this or one our other datamodes groups, such as the DGPS List, which covers, DGPS DXing, the NAVTEX DX List, which specialises in this mode, and our brand new DSC List, which covers the DSC / GMDSS moide. Please click on the icons below to visit the 'DATAMODES' Section, or check out our 'About The Group' page for more information on how to sign up with them.

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The NDB List was formed in November 1998 to cater for European NDB enthusiasts, but has now grown to a worldwide membership covering all parts of the world, and all types of analogue beacons such as NDBs, HF Propagation Beacons, Cluster Beacons and Amateur Experimental Beacons. Beacuse of the growing interest in DGPS and NAVTEX monitoring within the group we decided to expand this into two new groups, and include other data modes as well, and members (or potential members) with an interest in these might like to check out these groups via the links above. In spite of the closure and impending closure of many Aeronautical NDBs, we still expect that there will be many around for quite a few years yet, so this aspect of the hobby is a long way from dead, but if you are interested in these types of signals we would recommend chasing them whilst you still can. Please note that this group is privately owned, and is also a very friendly and well behaved group, so all new membership applicants have to be approved first. We're not elitist, but we do take the security of our members very seriously, so if you are a troll, flamer or spammer don't bother to apply, you will definitely not be welcomed or tolerated here.

NDB List
To join the group or find out more visit the group's page at: https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/ndblist/info


The Group also runs a very comprehensive Awards scheme, where members can set themselves all kinds of interesting challenges, and and qualify for one of these impressive certificates. For more information about the service click on the button below to visit the Awards Section:

NDB List Awards Section


NDB Publications 2015 NDB PUBLICATIONS 2015:

New for 2015, brand new editions of the Michael Oexner's popular and essential 'European NDB Handbook' containing over 7,000 NDBs, and the 'North American NDB Handbook', covering some 5,800 NDBs. For full details of prices, and information about where to obtain them just click on the image or link above:
An Introduction to NDB DXing AN INTRODUCTION TO BEACON DXING v1.0:   Animated word. New.** REVISED DECEMBER 2012 ** Animated word. New.

This new 47 page publications takes some of the information from the old and no longer available 'Beacon Hunter's Handbook' and presents it here in a simpler format for anyone just starting in the hobby. 'An introduction to Beacon DXing', is just that and is completely free of charge, and can be printed out either as one complete file, or as three separate parts if preferred.

This 5 page article by experienced QSL Hunter Steve McDonald VE7SL, will help you to find out how to go about getting a verification from that Non Directional Beacon:

This list shows the system of country codes used for the purposes of NDB List CLE Events and Awards. Please note that these are in no way representative of political borders and are purely based on 'radio countries':
NDB List Abbreviations File NDB LIST ABBREVIATIONS FILE:  Animated word. New.** NEW EDITION MAY 2013 ** Animated word. New.

This printable 25 publication list gives a comprehensive list of many of the terms and acronyms used on our mailing lists and website:


The "RNA-REU-RWW" Online Database is a unique project run by Canadian DXer Martin Francis and his team, and shows which NDBs are currently active, and when and where they were last heard. The "RNA" stands for "Received in North America", and list NDBs, HF Beacons, Navtex Stations and DGPS Beacons from that area, that have been received by listeners, and similarly, the "REU" (Received in Europe), and "RWW" (Received World-Wide", also cover the other parts of the world. If you would like to make use of the Database, or even add your own logs to it, you can find out more about it, and also Martin's "NDB Weblog" program by clicking on the button below:

RNA-REU-RWW Database


B KEYER B KEYER SOFTWARE: - This very useful program was produced by Brian Keyte, G3SIA, and can be used to help identify any 'negative/inverted' or 'quizitive' idents that you may come across. This is Freeware and works with PCs only.
NDBfinder NDBFINDER DECODING SOFTWARE: - This program was produced by Bev at COAA for use in decoding very weak NDB Signals, but now also includes the ability to decode LORAN signals. Not freeware, but a 21 day fully working trial version can be downloaded from this link.
Quizitive ID QUIZITIVE ID SOFTWARE: - This excellent new program created by list member Doug Springfield, will also decode those 'Quizitive Idents' as well. The accompanying text file which explains how to use the program is included in the zipped archive. Our thanks to Doug for sharing this useful program with us.
Spectrum Lab SPECTRUM LAB - VERSION 2.74 b7 DECODING SOFTWARE: - This popular program can now also decode DGPS signals, and best of all it's free of charge. This excellent program from DL4YHF is not quite as user friendly as some of the others, but is well worth taking the trouble to get to know.
Two Timer TWO TIMER SOFTWARE: - Another excellent new program from list member Doug Springfield, this one is ideal for timing those Beacon Ident patterns. The instruction file in .txt format is also included in the zipped archive. Our thanks to Doug for sharing this program with us, which is also available from the NDB List File Store at yahoogroups.
WWSU 6.4 WWSU 6.4: - Not a decoding program, but an excellent database program showing NDBs, NAVTEX, DSC and DGPS stations and beacons. Created by Alex, VE3GOP, this is an excellent piece of software for any DGPS enthusiast to have at their disposal. Also very useful for creating your logs, and can be edited to show any notes you wish to make.

  • 69BY 27 MHz Beacon:
  • 14RS000 27 MHz Beacon:
  • Airservices Australia:
  • Aviation Exams:
  • Auroralchorus.com: - the web's largest collection of Space Weather Audio!
  • Clifton Laboratories Low Pass Filter: - excellent for NDB/NAVTEX reception!
  • Datasync:
  • e-book about LF & HF Propagation:
  • F6FVY's QTH Locator:
  • GM4DIJ's NDB Page:
  • HF Beacons Mailing List:
  • IK0XCC's NDB page:
  • IK1QFK's LF/VLF/ULF Website:
  • ITU Radiowave Propagation Documents:
  • LF Beacon Hunting - First Steps:
  • Longwave Club of America Home Page:
  • Make More Miles on VHF/UHF/SHF Beacon Lists:
  • Michael Oexner's NDB Update Blog:
  • Military Airfields Directory
  • Navaid Property Requirements (USAF):
  • NDBs at the East Midlands Airport:
  • NDBfinder (new NDB aid program from COAA!):
  • Oil Platform Photographs:
  • Online Audio File Converter: (converts .wav files to .mp3)
  • Rock's Longwave Beacon Log:
  • South Pole VLF Beacon:
  • Stephen P.McGreevy's Ground Based ELF-VLF Recordings:
  • The World Below 535 kHz:
  • Ultralight Radio Group:
  • US Navaids: (A Searchable Database for US Beacons)
  • Utility Radio.com: - An excellent virtual museum of Radiocommunications!  New
  • VK3ACA's MF & LF Propagation Article:
  • ZL2IFB/DL8WX's online 28 MHz Database:

  • Andy Robins - a life on and in radio:
  • Dave Onley's Radio DX Site:  New
  • FSL Antenna by Gary de Bock:
  • Frank van Gerwen's NDB Page:
  • Gary deBock's Ultralight and Antenna videos:
  • Grant's QRZ.com Page: (a great collection of photographs on here!)  New
  • Joze Konda's NDB Page:
  • Joze Konda's NDB Countries:
  • Joze's NDB News Page:
  • Joze'screenshots of Middle Eastern NDBs:
  • Nick, VK2DX's NDB Page:
  • Robert Connolly's NDB website:
  • Ruud Vos's Radio website:  New
  • Steve, VE7SL's Radio Blog:  New
  • The VE7SL Radio Notebook:
  • Tobia Taufer (T2)s EIBIViewer for SW Broadcast Listening  New
  • Tom McKee's Great Lakes Beacon Page:
  • Vincent Lecler's NDB Dxing Blog:

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